Rambody mainly intends to assist trainers to connect new clients, establish stronger relationships with their existing ones, and act as a promoter of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Success of Our Clients,

Is Main Driver of Our Decisions

The culture embraced by our team is totally customer driven, and the customer is at the center of all our efforts. The impact of our work is estimated by how much value it gives to our clients’ business success. Success of our clients is the main source of inspiration for all of our decisions. We put emphasis on novelty, innovation, and prospect of fitness, and we are firmly committed to establishing and developing the most qualified personal training software in the world.

As a fast-developing team, we seriously hear your voice and notions because they are going to shape and influence our end product. We are enthusiastic to co-work with people who never give up when facing a challenge, are totally prepared and provoked to hustle hard, are in love with what they want to do, and do their best to assist us in our mission to further promote a healthy lifestyle through online fitness training!

Digitized client experience in conducting fitness businesses anywhere, any time

Try to keep in mind four major actions: construct, market, sell, and repeat the process. Make attempt to facilitate and monitor your business via an integrated payment system and one-click automation. Accordingly, you can easily market your online fitness services, present fitness plans, manage and monitor members or clients, and receive cash.